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As a family-owned funeral company with years of experience in delivering that personal touch to services, Kenneally’s funeral home knows how to take care of the finer details to make your loved one’s farewell the way it should be. Driven by a passion to support families at every step and always leading from our heart, we provide a professional and caring range of funeral services to cater for every kind of farewell.

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Our services

Kenneally’s Funerals can tailor respectful and dignified funeral services according to financial and/or religious requirements. We can help you through the grieving period by carefully making sure you and your loved ones every last wish is taken care of, giving you peace of mind when you need it most.

We can arrange truly memorable religious ceremonies, whether they be Christian Funerals or secular funerals with religious overtones.

Services can be held in traditional venues like churches or chapels, or a location of your choice.

We also cater to non-religious services and can guide you through all the requirements to help create a dignified and caring send off for your loved one.

For more details:
• Religious Funerals
• Non-Religious Funerals
• Cremations
• Pre-Arranged Funerals

Planning a funeral
We can arrange and organise all necessary aspects of a traditional, dignified funeral and are committed to making one of life’s most difficult experiences less stressful. We even offer pre-arranged and pre-paid funerals so you can plan for tomorrow at today’s prices.
Here to help
Grieving family members and friends are often confronted with many decisions about a funeral. Our experienced staff are there to help guide you through every step, giving you peace of mind at this challenging time. Our funeral directors are always on call – day or night – to assist you in your time of need. For funeral directors ‘near me’, get in touch so we can find the best location to suit your requirements.
Locations served
We arrange and conduct respectful and dignified funeral services, memorials, and cremations throughout Sydney’s suburbs, the Macarthur district and regional areas. Offering a highly tailored and personalised service to make your loved one’s farewell respectful and meaningful. Arrangements can be made in the privacy of your own home, our offices or another location of your choice.