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At Kenneally’s Funerals, we provide an extensive range of religious and cultural services, cremations and burials for all families and individuals who have lost a loved one. We are dedicated to arranging beautiful farewell services for people from all walks of life, and we understand the intrinsic human quality of finding comfort through formalised burial services during life’s most difficult times.

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At Kenneally’s Funerals, we specialise in Christian and Catholic funeral services and have vast experience in delivering services that understand these values. As a Catholic family business, we appreciate the importance of Catholic funerals in our own faith and value the wider religious belief that death enters us into eternal life.

Kenneally’s also caters to other religions and beliefs from all cultures and ethnicities. We offer dignified goodbyes for those who are distant from religion or completely non-spiritual.

Kenneally’s specifically tailors all services to respect the values and wishes of you and your family, from the type of service preferred, to the special memorial keepsakes. No request is too big.

Locations we serve

The Kenneally family arrange and conduct Catholic, Christian, and Orthodox funerals for many communities at the following cemeteries: