Kenneally's Funerals conduct respectful and dignified funeral services, memorials, and cremations throughout Sydney’s suburbs, the Macarthur district and regional areas.

Kenneally’s Funerals: Offering Compassionate Cremation and Burial Services at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Leppington

Kenneally’s Funerals is proud to have a long-standing partnership with Forest Lawn Memorial Park, nestled along the serene Camden Valley Way in Leppington. As a reputable funeral service provider, we offer both cremation and burial options, catering to diverse family preferences and religious traditions.

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Our family

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Gerald Kenneally
Owner – Managing Director
Gerald along with his wife Donna began the family-owned business from the ground up. Working alongside his wife and children in the family business, Gerald is involved in the day to day running of the business which includes arranging, attending, and conducting of funerals. He understands that everyone is unique and that every service he arranges, and conducts is always his first, and every family should be given the opportunity to farewell their loved ones in a respectful and meaningful way.
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Donna Kenneally
Owner – Managing Director
Donna is a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother, sister, aunt and friend who values family, time and connection. She is passionate about extending the same love, dignity and respect she shares with family, to loved ones brought into the care of Kenneally’s Funerals. She brings warmth, compassion, understanding and a genuine desire to support families in one of their greatest moments of need.
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Erin Kenneally
Assistant General Manager
With nearly ten years of experience in the Funeral Industry, Erin is following in the footsteps of her parents, Gerald and Donna. Erin is passionate about working with her parents and alongside her brother, Daniel, to provide excellent service to the families they assist. Erin has a strong desire and commitment to help others. Her love for her family extends to everyone that Erin comes in contact with through her role in Kenneally’s Funerals and often goes above and beyond to help people in their time of deep sorrow.
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Daniel Kenneally
Operations Manager
Despite being the youngest of the family, Daniel brings with him a wealth of experience in the industry. Daniel’s charisma, compassion and life experience are loved by the families he works with. Daniel places significant value on family, loyalty and honesty, which he upholds in both his professional and personal life. A proud and hard-working young man, Daniel strives to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone in all he does.

Some of the cemeteries, crematoriums, churches and memorial gardens we conduct services at include: